Does your restaurant need a new or updated Point of Sale (POS) system? If so, you don’t need to use an expensive legacy POS system which can cost thousands of dollars as they may not even be suitable for your business.

Other drawbacks include:

  • Unreliable service leaveing you at the mercy of uncommitted installers
  • Rebooting problems even with minor changes especially during busy times
  • Costly hardware purchases for software upgrades that don’t work with older equipment
  • Incompetent POS salesperson may not understand the restaurant industry and provide you a bad solution
  • Additional costs for customization with a bloated legacy POS system
  • Unnecessary mistakes will be made by you and your staff with a complicated legacy POS system

However, with our Dinerware POS solution you’ll be able to use a reliable low cost solution that you and your staff can easily learn to grow your business.

Low Cost

Unlike other POS solutions, with Dinerware their are no enormous costs or hidden fees to worry about.


The stability of the Dinerware POS solution ensures your restaurant never experiences any downtime from equipment failures.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re a digital native or have technology phobia you’ll be able to quickly learn to use our Dinerware POS solution. Dinerware restaurant POS software helps streamline your business and enables you to focus on what is important: your customers.

View the video below to learn how Dinerware is used by a business owner just like you to help grow their sales with an easy to use POS system.

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